Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Re-cap #6

Lake Powell: Definition: A little piece of Heaven on earth.
We LOVE Lake Powell. Ty & I both grew up going there during our summers and we love taking our kids there. Our kids love it too. We had a great trip this year. A little hard with a baby, but Corbin did really good and we all had lots of fun.
Corbin's first time in Lake Powell. He loves water and thought it was great.
Kamryn in the houseboat.
Macy caught this little frog. She wanted to bring it home as a pet, unfortunately it didn't survive more than a day on the houseboat.
Kinsie on the back of the houseboat, reading. Is she my daughter or what?
Brigham, being goofy. He was in heaven on the boat. All day, he would say, "Can we go on another boat ride?"
We found this great beach, I don't have a good picture, but we would dig in the sand and swim. We went every day because it was the perfect spot for the kids to just play and enjoy Lake Powell. I got really sunburned the first day. I had put sunblock on everybody else's back, but nobody got mine. Brigham and I were digging tunnels in the sand for a long time and my back was directly facing the sun. Ouch!
Here's Corbin and Ty on the beach. Look at that smile on Corbin's face! Isn't that the cutest?
Lake Powell wouldn't be complete without a hike up to the indian ruins.
Corbin was a little weary of boat rides at first. He would look at me with this expression of confusion, trying to figure out what was going on. By the end of the trip, he loved it. He was always kind of mellow, the boat seemed to be calming to him.
We had lots of fun and really enjoyed taking Corbin for his first time to one of our favorite places. Hopefully there will be lots more trips to come!


The Christensen Family said...

I have never been to Lake Powell, can you believe that? Lived in Utah all my life and never made it to that location. Love all the pictures, looks like you guys had a blast this summer.

jen said...

I am the only person in UT or AZ that really doesn't enjoy Powell. I might even say I detest it. Sorry.
Looks like your family had a great time.
And I'm no longer following? I need to fix that.
Is that okay with you, Miss Independent?

misssrobin said...

I haven't been to Powell in years, but it's beautiful.

He looks darling in that hat. And, yes, the rest of your kids are adorable, too.

Kristin said...

OK, I've never been to Lake Powell either! Keeping track of all my kids on a boat just sounds to overwhelming. I'm glad you guys had fun. The picture of you holding Corbin is so cute. He is adorable and looks like had a great time!

Cami said...

FUN!!! Love Macy's frog:)

Whitney said...

Oh these pictures make me happy for you but oh so sad for me.... I miss lake powell its so much fun!