Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Re-cap #2

Every year we go on a camping trip with my family. We look forward to it every year. I wasn't able to go for very long because I had training that week. But we still had a good time. It's fun for the cousins to just play together and the adults to visit with each other. Plus we all enjoy the beautiful mountains. I love this picture of my brother-in-law Brent holding Corbin while my nephew, Tanner makes Corbin smile and laugh.

Kamryn with her cousins, Susanna & Breanne.

Kinsie with Breanne goofing around in the background.

We celebrated Macy's Birthday up there, she got lots of fun presents and money.
One of our family's favorite things to do every summer. Another year, another success. My older brother, Keith wasn't able to come and of course with my parents serving a mission, we missed them, but otherwise we had a great time!


misssrobin said...

Cute picture of Brent and Tanner with your little boy.

Glad you had such a fun summer.

Kristin said...

Sounds like fun--cute pictures!

Sue said...

Hey Kristen! I didn't even realize you had had a blog...I am soooo not blog saavy. Your family is super cute! I LOVE LOVE your family photo! And your new little corbin! How adorable! How old is he?

The Hill Family said...

I love your new family picture. What a great looking family! And camping...fun. What training are you doing right now?