Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Re-cap #6 - Final Installment

We finally took the kids to Lagoon for the first time. Kinsie & Kamryn have felt so deprived that they have never been before. I'm glad we made it before their demise. I haven't been to Lagoon in 16 years, shortly before I started dating Ty. A lot has changed. We had a really great time. Our #1 reason for not going to Lagoon is the price, the day we went was buy 1 get 1 free, so that made it much more affordable, but it felt a bit crowded, hard to compare when it's been so long since I've been there. We got there when it opened and left about an hour before it closed. The kids had a blast.
Right before they got on the bat.

Waiting in line.
Ty & Brigham on the bat. He cried when it was over because it was waaaayyy too short of a ride.
Corbin was an angel baby. He only took 2 - 1/2 hour naps the entire day, yet he was so good. I think everything was so interesting, he was never bored. Isn't he so cute?
I think it's funny that they guy next to Kinsie looked at me & smiled. Does he really think I was talking to him when I said, "Girls, look over here, smile!"?
We had so much fun, definitely will have to budget it in for next year. It was a great way to end our summer.


jen said...

Corbin likes to heat his blanket just like Evie.Can't believe you'll take your kids to Powell but avoid Lagoon.
I just don't understand that kind of thinking.

misssrobin said...

Seriously, just reading your summer posts makes me tired. I don't know how you're doing it.

And, yes, he is so cute!

Alison said...

First time taking your kids to Lagoon?
I can't believe it!

Many a fond memories there, for me.
Looks like you guys have had a wonderful summer!

Michelle said...

I've avoided Lagoon for about as long as you have! It looks like you've had a fun summer with your cute family!

Cami said...

I love that picture of Corbin and his Blankie sooooo cute, Cutest babie EVER!!!

Whitney said...

Corbin's smile would melt anyones heart! He is so stinkin cute! looks like you guys had a lot of fun...:)